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Intro:  G Am D G D  
 G             Am
 Welcome to the family 
 D                      G
 We're glad that you have come 
 To share your life with us 
 As we grow in love and 
 G                 Am
 May we always be to you 
 D                    G
 As God would have us be 
 А family always there 
             D     D7    G
 To be strong and to lean on. 
 Am               D
 May we learn to love each other 
 G                   Em
 More with each new day 
 Am                    D
 May the words of love be on our lips 
 G                Em
 In everything we say. 
 Am               D
 May the spirit melt our hearts 
 G    D       Em
 And teach us how to pray 
 Am7                 C     Am D7
 That we might be a true family                

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