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D                    A
They say it's always been the same
     G     A
Throughout the years;
D                      F#m G A
They come they Go they stay the same.
D         F#m
They pray for sun,
Hm         G
They pray for rain -
Hm A       G
Against the grain, my love,
Hm   A  G         D
They Go again, my love.

Young lovers broken on the wheel
They spin themselves;
I pray to Gods they spin it well.
Their hounds of love,
Their hounds of hell -
They might be true, my love,
But not for you, my love -

D       A       G   A   D
Cause you stand in the good good sun.

The winds of charity have passed
Beyound the pale,
They've left us here without the stage.
Their storms of war,
Their tears of rage -
They'll let us through, my love,
Cause we stand with you, my love -

And you stand in the good good sun.

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