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C                            Am   F G
Women today gained entrance to the City Of Light:
   C                            Am
Oh Joy Undescribed - security there was never tigh
Dm            G
Saint Peter by the pearly gate -
C                 A7
He looks funny, but he's doing alright;
    Dm        Em      F
He's taking the preventive measures -
 Em           F    G7
Must have been too late...
The lingeried ladies are walking on by;
The angels take cover - they think it isn't right;
And if the party's gonna Go on tonight -
I don't know, who will set it all straight;
Who'll take away the empty bodies
And paint the clouds white - white again;

 F    Fm
So, my love,
   C              A7
I think that enough is enough;
          Dm         F G
Tired of this second-hand fun,
              C         Am
I'm heading for the absolute one.

Descriptions in the holy books leave me feeling rather stiff,
For there's much more that my spirit has to give;
We played it perfect for the moon and the sun;
This story's over, the credit is gone -
So it's one for the road, one for the road - and I'm
Heading for The Absolute One.                

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