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  [F]Put it on    [G or Gm?]
  [Dm]And don't say a word [G]
  [F]Put it on    [G]
  [Dm]The one that I prefer  [G]
  [F]Put it on    [G]
  [Dm]And stand before my eyes [G]
  [F]Put it on    [G]
  [Gm]Please don't question why
  [F]Can you believe

  [F]Something so [A]simple
  [F]Something so [A]trivial
  [Dm]Makes me happy man
  [G]Can't you understand
  [F]Say you believe
  [F]Just how [A]easy
  [F]It is to [A]please me [D]

  [Dm]Because when you [B]learn
  You'll know [C#]what makes the [G]world turn

{comment: the following as above}

  Put it on
  I can feel so much
  Put it on
  I don't need to touch
  Put it on
  Here before my eyes
  Put it on
  Because you realize

  Something so worthless
  Serves a purpose
  Makes me happy man
  Can't you understand
  Say you believe
  Just how easy
  It is to please me

  Because when you learn
  You'll know what makes the world turn

{comment: here are positions for chords recommended (by me):}
{comment: *   - F G(III) Dm ... }
{comment: **  - F(V) A(V) F(V) A(V) Dm(V) G(III) F ... D(V) }
{comment: *** - Dm(V) Bb(VI) C#(IV) G(III) }                

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